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McBean and Budd

The real magic of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

Ruth Moser and Jane Eaton of McBean and Budd (a subsidiary of Ruth Moser Design) present "Floating Landscapes", their first collaborative textile collection.

Ruth launched her design business in 2011 after completing an MA in Textiles. Her fabrics attracted an international audience being used to furnish a hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland and a large prestigious Georgian town house located in the renowned Lexden Terrace on the seafront of Tenby, Pembrokeshire. The products have sold throughout the UK and Switzerland.

Collaborations are very much in vogue and on trend. We are finding the lines are blurring as artistic disciplines merge together – hybrids, collectives, marriages of style provide a new and exciting stimulus within the Creative Industries. Stunning and truly innovative design concepts are very evident, as with the highly successful partnerships of textile designers Timorous Beasties and the Cath Holmes/Anne Kelly creative liaison. This trend crosses over into Fine Art and Fashion, which have fused together in the partnerships of Louis Vuitton/The Chapman Brothers and Ysumasa Morimura/Issey Miyake, presenting new and creative visions.

McBean and Budd have developed unique imagery, "textile paintings" which present a creative hybrid of inspirational, high key colourful designs, revealing imaginary journeys within the landscape.

The new "Floating Landscapes" collection brings Ruth with her background in fine art and painting, working alongside fine artist Jane Eaton. Jane's work reflects her interest in the calligraphic mark, an Eastern aesthetic. Japanese culture and an economy of line are very evident in her beautiful ink studies of the oak tree. Her work is in several collections, including Lord Bath's Wessex gallery and she has exhibited extensively throughout the South of England. Juturna, created for the King Bladud's public pig project in Bath, continues to receive acclaim; sited in the Guildhall Market it retains a loyal following due to its "healing properties!"

The quality of the light, atmosphere and changing of the seasons has influenced many significant British artists – we think of Turner, John Piper, William Tillyer, Ivon Hitchins and Barbara Rae. Elements of these artists work are reflected upon and extended, fusing the painterly and the linear mark; emerging as a new and dynamic representation of the English landscape.

The two artists use a layering technique often beginning with one of Ruth's stunning wet into wet watercolour abstract designs. This provides a "background" to the design. Additional imagery created by Jane is introduced and combined developing a fusion of painterly and graphic mark making. Original fine art work is combined with digital applications; throughout the process images are manipulated, reassessed and reconfigured in relation to shape, form, composition, scale and colour. Emphasis remains constant throughout the development of a design to maintain key elements of the artists' own hand rather than technological manipulation. The designs present an exciting new visual vocabulary – painterly textiles that celebrate the glorious and wonderful British landscape.

These semi-abstracted, painterly interpretations portray glimpses and panoramas of landscapes within landscapes The viewer is invited to form their own personal narrative in response to the textiles, very much in the same way as one would when standing before a painting, bringing nature into the home.

The hybrid theme is echoed and evident as a continuing narrative throughout all the processes where each stage of development regarding the product has a collective element within its approach.

Working with the Woodworks Project, a social enterprise based in Bath extends the collaborative essence of the business. This community initiative offers the long-term unemployed; those suffering from mental or physical health issues alongside those recovering from various forms of addiction, an opportunity to acquire new skills. Discarded and donated furniture is expertly repaired and reupholstered by clients under the tuition of professional tutors and then sold in the Woodworks' local shop. This community project provides support and social engagement for vulnerable people in our society.

A short film by the established film director Ken Loach has been produced which tells the story of the Woodworks Project and the journey of those engaged in learning new skills.

The joy and philosophy of the creative partnership brings together the past and the present. To showcase the latest collection, vintage and historical furniture has been reclaimed, refurbished and embellished with colourful luxury fabrics from the new collection – sumptuous velvets, fine silks and high quality furnishing linens and cottons. These provide eclectic and unique statement art pieces for the home. Each piece of furniture has a story to tell. The use of up cycled art furniture also reinforces McBean and Budd's environmental and ethical values, breathing new life into old – something borrowed, something new, continuing the emphasis on partnerships, which is a fundamental element of the business.

Additional products are available as wall art, cushions, lampshades and scarves.

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